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What makes this solution easy and unique

The Concept

State of the art retail solution. Replace physical retail stores with digital SKUs…….Do away with physical stores & create concept stores and expand beyond boundaries…Shop on a smart phone..analyse shopping trends..standees. enhanced catalogues

Mobile Solution & Display Technology

unique retail solution on a smartphone…shop anywhere, anytime……gives birth to smart shoppers……. game changing shopping experience. digital stores. concepts stores. modified standees. enhanced catalogues.

consumer & retailer advantages

Creates smart shoppers on a digital platform – All at the comfort of a smart phone…….. Opportunities for Retailers to go to next level and gain market share. start concept stores at any place. digital SKUs. less maintenance. reduced floor space & manpower.

Cost & Approach

easy solution to understand, start & adapt. an effort to tackle customers’ and retailers’ woes


we are dreamers..and ought to be doers...
right team, passion and defined path.

The idea & the execution comes straight from the heart, filled with passion and goverened by periodic checks & course correction .... And that's what makes PURPLe Pi unique in this field.......................We tend to make shopping a fun thing..... And take the technology in a very simple manner to common women & men and turning them into smart shoppers

  • new age digital solution

    first in the country

  • market research and focused approach

    we bring in solution to tackle customers' and retailers' woes

  • business enhancing capabilities

    less floor space. less manpower. gain market share.

  • cost effective

    reduced effort in putting up solution for a retailer. And shopping comfort for the customer on a smartphone.

Core Brains

This is a place where we recon, where we rethink, where we restrategize, where we follow, where we lead, where we take you to the next level of experience…
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Kishore Bakliwal

Founder & Director. Head : Retail Solutions
The mastermind behind PURPLe Pi. With over 17 years of rich experience in retail sector, project & people management, content & market research, Kishore is the governing & guiding hand for the team. Entrepreneur at heart, couldn’t resist this venture after his major stint with multinational company.
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Jaideep Deshmukh

Head : Technology
The man behind the technology. A staunch technologist for over 17 years. Coming back from U.K., started a firm in Mumbai that majors in Mobile solutions. He now brings his expertise to Purple Pi team.
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Shreedeep Deshmukh

Head : Business Development & Operations
Shreedeep brings to Purple Pi, with him, sheer confidence and ground realities to run business development and operations. With over 14 years of experience in marketing, business development and tech product handling, Shreedeep helps in Go-To-Market strategy and its execution.

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