What is it all about? Let’s find out….


  • Concept

    Concept Definition:

    An innovative retailing channel which sits right in between ‘In Store’ and ‘Web’. Taking best of both the channels and simultaneously eliminating redundancies in both of them.

    Concept Workflow:

    Customer walks in the Brick and Mortar Virtual Store carrying their Smart phones which has pre-installed Mobile App. Using the App, Customer scans QR Code of the Product/s to be purchased and adds them to Mobile Phone cart. Through standard Checkout process, Customer can easily pay for the Product/s online and walk out of the Store carrying their Product/s similar to conventional Brick and Mortar Store

    Thought behind:

    Entire Solution and its Workflow is based upon in depth market survey. The survey spanned Tier 1 to Tier 3 cities and covered Retailers and Shoppers alike. What evolved was a Product that truly mitigates critical pain points of Sellers and Buyers.


  • Mobile Solution and Display Technology

    The Mobile solution

    Unique Retail solution on a Smartphone…shop anywhere, anytime……gives birth to smart shoppers

    Android based Mobile App for Shoppers – Download, Install, Register and walk into nearest Virtual Store to start Shopping.

    Retailers also get complete control on what to sell and at what price through a secured App and Web Solution.

    The entire Workflow is fully customizable which means as a Retailer you have choice of Mode of Delivery, Mode of Payment and Payment Gateways.

    Suggest the POS (Point of Sale) and any additional backend Solution for integration.

    Fully Secured Solution with SSL security and daily vulnerability scanning


    PURPLe Pi team is relentlessly working to add value to the Product. Key enhancements that are in pipeline:

    iOS and Windows support

    Localized App – Mobile App will be available in multiple Indic languages.

    Integration with SAP Hybris

    Social Media Integration – to get Product Reviews



    Display technology

    An essential element in the Solution. Retailers have choice of Product Display to ensure a shopping experience that seems less virtual and more real.

    Labels – Retailers can generate unique Labels per Product containing QR Codes and Price tag, place them on racks below each Product. Using PURPLe Pi, Shoppers only need to scan codes and add product to Mobile cart.Label


    E-Catalogue OR Print Catalogue: Retailers can easily generate Catalogues with the choice of their Products they intend to sell. These Catalogues can be mailed to Customers as E-Catalogue or Print versions.


    Virtual Walls: Life size images of Products and  shelves neatly pasted/projected on walls gives an impression of a real Supermarket.



  • Advantages for ALL


    Time and Comfort has always been pivotal when designing the Solution and its Workflow. Shoppers can save considerable time in shopping. With no Trolleys or Billing Queue, Shoppers get ultimate comfort at every stage of Shopping.

    Get all the Variety that you typically see in a conventional Supermarket. We also firmly believe long span view makes selecting Products much more easier.

    You have all the available choice of Payments and Mode of Delivery to select from.

    Track your past Orders and share your Cart with your family and friends.

    What’s more you can always recommend your choice of Products that are unavailable.


    Bring his SUPERMARKET onto digital platform – easily.

    Enhance and grow market size

    A typical reduction of around 30-35% in shop floor area.

    A reduction of 50% manpower. or a better utilisation of human resources.

    Opportunity to place more than a physical store for customers.

    Get orders from multiple sources – physical store, virtual or concept stores. standees. brochures. catalogues – a true Omni channel experience.

    Analyse what sells more. where it sells. how it sells.

    Geography/store/item(SKU) level information available AT FINGERTIPS







  • Cost and Approach

    To get the best deal on hosting Virtual Stores please get in touch with our team at support@purplepi.in.

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